Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hi so right now i'm posting and started to promote some stuffs from my shop and those are some bestseller from Liebelle Beauty House. if you curious abt products that we sell it do check it at :
TWITTER : @Liebelle_Beauty
(we do giving some beauty tips on twitter so do check it out !)

Simply follow the account because i post new stuffs everyday :) Ok so these pictures are 3 bestseller from the shop that i myself love it so much! You will love it like i do, believe me. All information i gave on this post are from what i've experienced before abt the product.

 Although its still new stuffs in beauty world but CC Cream definitely eye catching and worth it to buy. Its upgraded from BB Cream that we all know this cream totally giving you those flawless skin. I love being natural and i found this CC Cream totally giving me flawless natural look.BB Cream is awesome but its more cakey than CC Cream and thats why i love CC more. I use this cream whenever i hang out and you know sometimes you just hang out with friends until so late and the cream still look great on your face. I use the number 2 glow one but i also have the silky one in home. I bought two of it and i love the glow one more. Its not much different, silky giving you those matte look and glow giving you shiny look. just that. Of course there's still lots of brand that creating their own CC Cream too. Why i choose to buy Etude's? Because my prev BB Cream is from Etude and i love it so much. If you just wondering with another product just go ahead! We do sell CC Cream with another brand instead of Etude House

 This lip balm is just awesome! i swear! its really moisturize on your lips and word. i love it and the end. It contains 3 colors (red, mandarin orange and honey) and picture above is the third one. I also use the third one and i use it every night (yea if i don't get lazy lol. because i love having snack at midnight and end up you should brush your teeth again before sleep) . oh of course you can use it daily but it just me love using it at night. As we know honey is a great ingredient for your lip because it giving back your lip's color. and really moisturize of course.  Just try it and you know what i feel.

Ok so the last one is mask. This mask is one of my favorite all over time and this also the first mask i used (pearl one). Its very cheap and good. I love the pearl and lemon the most. Pearl whiten your skin and lemon is one of my favorite ingredient for skincare stuffs. i also do have lemon cleansing foam for night.well i will post my skincare stuffs one day. back to lemon lemony, so lemon absorb oil and fade scars just like acne scars or whatever scars. Instead of it all these 6 masks have awesome ingredient for your skin. i wrote the ingredient's caption on Liebelle's you should check it out.

And thats complete my post today about 3 bestseller products that i love. If you curious abt what brands that on Liebelle you can check it at my "Liebelle Beauty House" 's page at my blog.
Picture credit : me

and btw special thanks to Megan for creating such a beautiful  mini poster (idk how to say it) for me :*

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