Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hi. So this is my very first review about beauty products and i was like quite happy when i write this post (i finally made it yeayyy). Its been quite a "long" time to think about it because i quite shy. Today i'm gonna post about my new favorite mask and also my first favorite black mask. I am mask lover and i love trying out different mask. I always wanted to try black mask and my first choice it goes to Naturgo black mask but currently i didn't like it because it hurt my skin. So my second choice goes to this Skin Food Black Sugar mask and i love it!

Face masks are an excellent way to maintain our skin keep hydrate and of course it clearing your pores. I've used mask once a week and its a MUST for me. Because it remove deeply embedded impurities that will cause breakouts! And of course it make your pores healthy and cleanse the rest of your makeup that still deep lefted on your pores. 

What i like from this Black Sugar mask is it giving such a smooth skin after use it. It feels like baby skin without any naughty pores :b The main ingredient is black sugar which giving a deep cleanse for your pores. and it seems like a scrub. Right now i currently use this mask often for this couple of month and i totally recommended this mask.

These pictures may help you guide how to use the Black Sugar mask. Lets get started!


BOO! Clearer picture. my face is just like an army on the battlefield. Just ignore it :b

So thats complete my post about how to use this mask and you'll get such a smooth, glowing skin after use it. Hope it will love it!


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