Saturday, August 17, 2013

50 Random Fact

I was sitting in front of my laptop an hour ago then suddenly i started to type this things in my blog.Its my first time doing things like this and its quite fun. So lets get started :>

  1. Full name : Vinnie Yeonata
  2. Age : 18 this November
  3.  Height : 158m
  4. Weight : 46kg
  5. Passionate in photography, travelling and beauty stuffs
  6. I can't describe how much i love eating and i'm such a good eater
  7. I love tea and Earl Grey tea is my favorite.
  8. A horror ultimate lover!!
  9. No teddy bear or any kind of dolls in my life. i hate dolls
  10.  A huge fan of Celine Dion since i was 11
  11. 3 stars i want to watch the concert so badly : Celine Dion, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. They have such really good voice !
  12.  I dislike dog, cat, rabbit or any other cute animal. 
  13. The only romantic novel i read is Twilight Saga
  14. I adore Canada and Paris
  15. When i was in primary i was love collecting any world famous man biography and turned to be horror and detective novel collector when on Junior High finally end up to be spiritual book collector when i was in my Senior High.
  16. I can't stay myself without eating rice everyday (true Asian haha!)
  17. Somehow i love watching Korean and Taiwan drama that will melt you out, well when nobody know it :b
  18. Cause i just love seen as a strong with a mind woman rather than feminime clumsy girl
  19. Favorite quote all over time : THIS TOO WILL PASS
  20. My laziest part of the day is when i woke up and its so hard for me to do something. you know all i want is just go back to my dream again and be lazy on my bed. 
  21. I love playing some fortune teller stuffs and i learned it a little and it was fun for me.
  22. Totally NOT GOOD at managing my own money. but still keep learning it btw.
  23. I love sitting for hours at coffee shop alone. 
  24. Internet surfing like more than half of the day. who caresss
  25. Talking abt my love story, i've ever fall in love twice so far.
  26. I haven't been in any serious relationship before. 
  27. Well maybe my worst problem on love line is i was very hard to move on and thats not really good things for yourself, i think. cause its just killing me softly.
  28. I love money and i love doing business even i was in primary. is it cool for you? cause i think its cool for me (lol)
  29. Being an archaeologist is actually the biggest dream that ever step into my head.
  30. I hate my stomach since it was so sensitive and fuck up.
  31. My inspiration of life the only and forever will ---> Ajahn Brahm
  32. Favorite blogger : Gary Pepper Girl (check her web right HERE !) she's damn awesome <3 
  33. Favorite magazine and TV Show : National Geographic 
  34. Sometimes i wish i can work in National Geographic. like... dude its freaking COOL 
  35. My bad habit? well.....i quite lazy to take things by myself so i always call my sis to take my stuffs
  36. I would think of becoming beauty blogger/vlogger soon. yea really soon i hope so (been thinking of becoming one of it since 2 years ago -.- )
  37. I am truly sad song listener.
  38. Take me to nice place to eat or giving me some job that can brings me money is actually my mood booster.
  39. All my dream is i wanna be succeed in a very young age. i think most of you will think the way i do.
  40. I love presentation. its my thing.
  41. I love creating new ideas and well sometimes i would think i am bank idea. 
  42. Home is the best place around the world and i truly agree this!!
  43. I hate rain.
  44. Favorite color : red, blue, black, white. 
  45. The best gift you can give for me is books, skin care stuffs, gadget, bags, and good food :D
  46. All my life i was craving to watch Aurora with my bare eyes in Canada or Alaska land.
  47. History and mythology L-O-V-E-R
  48. I hate math.
  49. I have two bff who knew me very well and truly accept all my good and bad inside me.

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