Monday, July 22, 2013

School life

School life may gives you any sweet,bitter,fun,hate,friendship,love inside. You may hate the school life if you're still on uniform. But i'll bet you will miss every second moment at there. Don't complain until you feel it by yourself! I've ever in your position who keeps complaining abt school. I often late at least once a week and as i remember that always on Saturday! i keep complaining why we must go to school every Saturday. Saturday should be a holiday! (exactly until now). Don't you think i'm such a good student. I do fight with teachers. My problem always with math,physics, and chemistry teachers but when i step into social class i don't have any problem with teacher anymore except ONE completely (i shouldn't say it) my most craziest problem with teacher. I accidentally threw my shoe to my math teacher! Okay that was completely embrassing and insane. i remember everyone in my class is laughing like crazy except the teacher with shock,poker face. Man i tottaly felt so sorry with the teacher, but he only excluded me from the class and the next day i came to him and say sorry for many times and he accept apology. What else? i also do have problem with my boys friend. I've made 2 boys crying in high school hahahaha!! ok that was one of the funniest moment ever.
I've made good friends with some and thank god i have zero enemy until i graduated. Don't ever make enemy guys, thats tottaly such a negative impact for yourself, trust me!
Cheating when on test, yes i've ever do it of course lol. I remember we on study together for the very last test from our school. Heading to coffee shop together and trying to study.But you know when teens coming up together, but we do study, just for a little and then we playing again oh that's such a nice moment.For the national exam, yes my year has been such a huge. We got 20 type of different exam paper which completely annoying for all of us. Me and some of mates heading to one of us' house and sleepover then try to study then get up around 4AM-5AM like every morning to check out any answer (if you know what i mean :b) hahahaa that was really dramatic one. 
This picture above has been taken last day of us as a senior high student. You can see lots of camera was taken by students at the last day. Everyone's waiting for those time. Everyone's wanna have a good memories with their friends and teachers. I do cry at the last day. who don't anw. Everyone do have their own different way to their future. For those who still on their uniform on, dude you must cherish every moment at the school. Don't ever regret it cause this is one of the best moment you can bring in your life. Farewell Sutomo 1.

I'm searching for any my past picture and i got some of them. This is the senior high pict i can got. Some of us head to science class and some into social class and i'm into social class.

Some from my scrap books. Its pretty shy to share it with you guys since i'm not that good giving some thumb on the blank area.

I'm starting to make scrap book since a year ago. Actually i'm not good for any that girly stuffs. This is not my thing. But doing something you've never done before is something new. Better ever do it then never try it before.

and for the junior high which as i call as the alay time. i keep laughing when i flashback on those time. you know you've done any crazy stuffs on that time.I get my primary and kindegarten pict and i keep LOL-ing out.


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