Monday, August 5, 2013


Hi how's life? Mine is just simply great although something really bad happened a week ago which tears me like crazy for a while. I thankyou myself for being able using both emotions well. Getting up from sadness and let it go. Well seems all my hard work of controlling, learning and understanding my mindset is paid off right when you're in the worst moment of your life, so far.

Ok enough with that, so currently i'm doing a new portfolio for Sutomo's fashion board with the theme "Monochrome". Well i am alumni from this school so i quite happy to be trusted shooting this for the school. If you're student from Sutomo 1 then i believe you saw all this picture this morning. Of course i've already ask for permission to post this on my blog with the fashion board leader since this is sort kind of private for the school's stuffs. Anw i'm happy to share my newest portfolio to all of you out from the school or student from another school. Hope you like it and any comments will be appreciated :) Anw thankyou for the fashion board leader for trusting me shooting this for the school. It makes me feel going back to school for a while :b

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  1. love your photographs so much!!
    they have a really superb style!
    want to follow each other? let me know! :)