Friday, July 19, 2013

Sweety Pie

So its been a month since the last post. I just have nothing to post so i just let it be..... yup! but now i'm back and i try to active again! :)
I just simply spent my holiday at J town like usual which all of my mom's family live at there. Jakarta sure is my second home after Medan instead my real hometown. I only went to my real hometown once a year and i only spent around 2-3 days at there.
Anw, its been ages since the last time i shoot kids. the last time was a client from Surabaya and she is the most photogenic kid i've ever seen!! Kids somehow are good at posing (when they are the narcism one) and natural. But not with my this both cutie cousins, they quite awkward in front the camera (but hey not with tablet camera since i saw they crazily taking pict mostly everytime with their tablet haha!) I just miss shooting kids so i just heading to find 'em to fulfill my crave of shooting kids. but too bad it just go around minutes so i still want shooting kids more :(
K so sharing you with some sweet loves from lovely Angie and Aurelia. Enjoy <3

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