Thursday, February 21, 2013


So here's the newest portfolio with Twiggy theme. Twiggy character was famous in the mid-1960s of British teenage model. This portfolio is make up artist request which this is not my idea, unfortunately. The idea belongs to Cynthia. it was unique and i really like the concept. The twins do a quite good job by portray themselves as the twins' twiggy. All this beautifull dresses and shoes are belong to Cynthia which i love all of 'em so much. it was vintage combine modern which houndstooth is pretty on trend lately. The photoshoot held on January but i just can made the photos on Febuary.
Credit goes to the twins, Delvanni and Delvinna. and make up,hairdo and wardrobe goes to Cynthia Coco.
enjoy :)

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