Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hi. i just want let you know that do check out my new page of "Liebelle Beauty House" and "Photography"
Liebelle Beauty House is just small onlineshop that selling some beauty stuffs and you can check out what brand that we sell. and actually tell you something, remember that i say i wanna to be Beauty blogger? yes its just because this onlineshop has drive me nuts! For the first time i made this onlineshop (1 year ago) is just because i freaking wanna try part time job so badly! you know i think its good to learn how to earn money in my age. and day after day i can't believe i love beauty stuffs so badly. you can say  i just like those crazy beauty addicted. i love those natural, fresh look without more makeup. i don't play makeup right now. less makeup is better. because i think you need to improve your skin step by step rather than giving some instant beauty. soooo, i would think again maybe sometimes i would post some of my daily skin care routine and some beauty tips. i love sharing and i would be so happy to help you :D
And finally the photography page, i just looooove photography so badly. i learn all things by myself. You know when you like something, you would do anything for it. and it happen to me. Its happy when you find your passion and you really enjoy doing it. And i do write Freelancer Photographer in the page, hehehe yes i do have some jobs on photography before, shooting people and get my own money. the feel is soooo yes! awesome!! you like those job and you got some tips! its like bonus ++ ! okay enough for it and bye.

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