Friday, January 11, 2013


Life's been pretty busy lately. i'm tired and i'm on my sensitivity mood. All things around me feel so loud and annoying. my temper is up and down. negative thought come to mind. you know in time like this i just really need a place for myself to clean up my mind. i do miss my retreat time. i've been searching for retreat schedule around this month but what i got is in June! feel so sucks then woke up and realize for nothing. This is what's going on with me lately.
Well anw, as i promise before. i do share some photos of my last new year holiday at Belitung. Belitung is quite nice but still lack of facilities. this small town still very green and i love green! The best hotel in there still 4 stars, but as time goes there's ald development for 5 stars hotel and another beautiful cottage. The weather is seriously suck me out. Rain every morning which is i very HATE rain and this weather is the easiest things to ruin my mood. but good thing the sun kicks out the butt after abt 1pm everyday. The food is good, not a good news for chilly lover like me. cause even the chili isn't spicy at all. but oh, i loveeee the fishball and i think Belitung's fishball is the best fishball i've ever eaten! and the squid egg cracker, bakmie belitung, and pangolin (they say pangolin only ate ants). and the beach, man. i agree the beach is very clean! the sand is sooo white. too bad i'm coming there at rainy season which the beach is not as clean like the internet's photos. try google map the beach. you can see how blue is it haha. ouh yes, gala dinner is held on the hotel that i stay with colonial theme which is creative one. too bad i dislike the party. And so, my holiday turns out pretty fine there. so enjoy the photos xx

introduce you my cutey cousin Aurelia
see whats i'm holding on. its Canon 1D aaaaaa!!! <3 <3 <3

le fatty cousin

super momma
Thanks for mom and aunt who capture it for me. you both good teeheeeee
I think i spam the blog too much so more photos on facebook.

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