Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White Horse

Hello readers, holiday is over now and i just got back from J town 2 days ago. I'm going to Jakarta for 5 days and Belitung for 5 days too. i spent my new year this time in Belitung. i'm gonna post my holiday picture soon :) Well 2013 is another new brand year for us. for 3 half months start from now i must choose the very right major for myself. So i'm still thinking should i take law or marketing. its freaking hell confused me. i just hope i choose the very right one thou.
Well btw, check out my new heading teeeheee. like always, the heading is my work and i love the map's diary picture. you know i just love globe sooooo much! i love collecting world's stuffs and anything smells history. and skin care stuffs hahahaha told you i'm skin care addicted. i know its out from the world's topic, i just want to say it thats all :b  i've been thinking of sharing beauty tips and my skin care stuffs from 1 year ago in my blog but i just don't know should i write it or not hahahahaha you know i'm shy :b

Just give me any comment about my new heading and my prev heading if you want. thankyou xx

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