Monday, January 21, 2013

Mr.Chaplin and Mrs.Dolly

 I'm so happy after i've done all this project. The photos goes just pretty well ,quite like what i want. This Chaplin idea was already in my head 2 years ago. but there's always things that stop me to make this project. i was very depressed this project should be postponed like for a couple of time. and thanks god finally this project is doneeee! altough after 1 year (this photoshoot held on last December)
Mrs.Dolly is just another character that poop out from my head. i was thinking of vintage doll that accompany this silly Mr.Chaplin as the girl that Chaplin's flirt. cause this both are silly and vintage character. When you know Charlie Chaplin is a silly comedian.
and btw thanks to my girls who together shoot this project and help out the idea to became true :D and thankyou so much to Melissa for helping me giving some advice and keep thinking me abt this Chaplin idea 2 years ago. Finally, credit goes to this 2 talented young lady, Catherine as Mr.Chaplin and Sherly as Mrs.Dolly. thankyou for the hard work posing proffesionally in front soooo many cars and people passing by that day. oh yes, the Chaplin's model is a girl :b and the make up is really good cause as you can see she is really like a man. Make up goes to Yuliana Gho :)
Enjoy !

 Behind the scene :

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