Saturday, October 8, 2011

Puteri Indonesia 2011

So this is our next Puteri Indonesia, Maria Selena. She's the prettiest among the big five. So, Maria Selena was born at Palembang in 24th September 1990. She's a student at Indonesia's top 3 university, ITB (Institut teknologi Bandung). I love the way she answer the last question. The question ask "apa rahasia yg mendukung anda menjadi seperti sekarang"
Other 2 finalist from Sulawesi Selatan and Jawa Timur have the same answer. They say thank for the God (Jawa Timur says Yesus and Sulawesi Selatan says Allah) and their parents. well but honestly, this is such so unproffesional answer. actually they can say Tuhan Yg Maha Esa cause you'll gonna be the next Puteri Indonesia and just like everybody know, Indonesia is unitary state. all for one and one for all. so what the hell you must say your own religion? i just thought this is unproffesional.
and Maria has the best answer :
"Saya mensyukuri apapun yang terjadi dalam hidup meski itu kegagalan. Karena kegagalan merupakan perjalanan menuju keberhasilan. Tanpa kegagalan, kita tidak mengerti arti kesedihan, tanpa kesedihan kita tidak mengerti arti bahagia. Banyak pelajaran yang bisa saya petik karena pengalaman hidup saya bermakna setiap hari"
two thumbs for the answer. hope you can be the next Miss Universe 2012,Maria eventhough this is damn hard to reach it but who knows Indonesia can be the next one :)

i wonder if she's Chinese(?) she looks like chinese          

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