Friday, October 7, 2011

The lovely one

Hello fellas. having a nice day? well i hope you guys do.
Let me share my fave part of my life today.
Jessica just give me something to watch. its a video of Taiwan's couple getting married at Bali. The man is good looking, a little fat, clean and look like a nice guy. And the woman is SO beautiful. they both look cute together <3

So, the most touching part is when both of them sharing some word for each other. My fave part is when the bride says something very touching and its almost makes me cry. (Believe me, when you saw kind of touching wedding word you actually can cry) I watch the video again and again. Big thumbs for the videographer (Y)
Well, eventhough i don't know who they are but longlast for both of them. hope their love can longlast forever :)

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