Monday, October 10, 2011


Holla folks <3
so still 6 days left and i'm gonna having a testttt. so what i do is enjoy this 6 days left before we start the war. So anw, who love beach huh? i'm a beach lover. you can say i'm beach freak. I love the sand, the wave, the water, everything! its just makes you feel so calm and so peace. And one of my most fave beach ever is MALDIVES ! ohmygosh how i wish i can go there. this little heaven tottaly blows your mind aaaaa! So, let me share some maldives' photos. even the photos could blow up your mind., so how about the real? O-M-G .
                                                               my fave one <3
                                                                   so damn nice !
                                                    look at the water. ohmygoshhhh

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