Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Homemade Spaghetti

Hi. its been a slow day. I skip tuition today. oh seriously, i'm not gonna write "don't skip tuition" on my April list. cause i WILL broke it haha! i've been craving for so many things. cake, cupcakes, tomyam, KFC,pizza, oh what the hell i wish all this food are in my home.and i was like a rat searching for the whole kitchen to find something to eat. well at least my bro's biscuit is okay. but it end up nothing. all of bro's are gone gone gone. screw he ate it all without any single thing -_- So yea. what i found is spaghetti and i cook it with all ingridients left. and hey the taste is not bad :D glad that my stomach is full now hahahaha. i'm such a big big eater anw. and here the photo of the spaghetti. i'm not good at design the dish so i just put it on plate and shoot it. maybe next time i will design it. ciao <3

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