Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi. I've been pretty busy last 3 days. I plan to write some blog from last 3 days but it ends up today -_- Guess i'm too tired till everytime i open my computer but it end up sleeping without shuting down the computer and wifi. Why do this bad habit always come when holiday huh? 

So last day was fun. The big family went to pray at factory. This thing always happen once a year. Pray for the ghost at factory? Yea that whats mom told me. I did bring my camera but because its rain and i hate rain. i left my camera in car rather than take it out and let my camera getting wet. Off from factory we had late dine at Miramar. 

Back to last 2 days, we had an outreach to an orphanage with the Sealnets! Whats Sealnet? Sealnet is a non-profit organization based in MIT and Stanford University and now a CCA in SMA Sutomo 1, Medan :) If you are interesting with this organization and you're in Sutomo. Just contact me for any information and detail. 
Done from the outreach, there's still 2 birthday party to go. I didn't take my camera so no photos there. And done from the party, i went home and blablabla i open my computer on my bed and fall asleep. yea, sucks. 

L.Chelsea. the mengkek girl at orphanage. but still so cute

Sir Supian the sociology teacher giving some advice to the kids

see how happy they are :)

the mentors and mentees. yea i'm ugly here

the brothers. Tosa as the elder and Victor as the young one 

playing with the kids. well they do enjoy singing and dancing so much

playing the code word

Credit goes to : Adriana Salim :D

Last 3 days went to Adrian's birthday treat at Lembur Kuring. thanks for the treat bro !

So this is the longest post in my blog. Ciao

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