Monday, October 24, 2011


Bonjour :D
Finally, tet is oveeerrrrr wohooo! so excited so excited yeheyy
i just hate one thing when the test is done. the school starts 10.30AM when test and now back to normal time 07.30AM. goddamnit i always hate get up early. i hate facing same conditions when every morning the alarm rang and i must open my eyes and go wash myself eventhough i'm still soooo sleepy erghhh -__- thats why my mommy always call me 'little lazy piggy' lol. 
today after the test i having fun with my old classmates. just a few of them. we play badmin together. okay seriously, i'm not really good at badmin sighhh :( after that, i with my BFF and her sisters go to swimming. (wohoo i always love swimming *dancing*) till the sky turns into night. done with today's  excercises, i feel so tired.muscles in my arms ached. its been so long since my last excercises. omg i'm such lazy piggy. thats for today. thankyou for reading and have a nice day :)

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