Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Jessica Ujung !

Hello fellas :D good to see you again.
Today is great. i skip my tuition *evillaugh* and go make a surprise birthday cake for one of my girlfriend, Jessica. Just a simple surprise but yet fun. Jessica seems so happy and so we do. We spent our day at Matador then half of 'em hit my house and boom my room lol. seems like my computer is getting virus or what the fuck is that. i just lost ALL of my things at computer -__- damn it this computer is getting suck. okay so what i'm gonna to do is TRY to forget about it. its ald gone and its useless if i mad with this 'dead' stuff. wise enough huh.
gonna share some pics. hope you enjoy it and have a nice day. Ciao <3

the birthday girl and me (just ignore my face)

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