Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holiday madness

The test is done but still, there's 2 days again i have to deal with school erghhh!
I want a holiday pleaseeeeeee. feels like wanna skip another 2 days at school but i know i can't. yea my parents would never aloud me to do that.. asdfghj i want holiday holiday holidayyyyyy.
I hate to face Friday and Saturday morning for sure. Lately, i feel so tired and damn lazy every morning. all i want is sleeping and sleeping. when your alarm wake you up at the morning, yes, you awake for awhile to shut the alarm off. and you sleep again till someone call you to wake up and you realise that you're gonna be late if you're not hurry, thats the worst part at the morning. I've through this messy morning today. i'm feel so tired and my hair messed up. i have no time to wash my hair so i just tie my hair and my pony. but i love my hair and pony being tied up. it was so nice and refresh.
I hope there's not gonna be like today morning again. just for 2 days and you'll be free, vinnie. Okay, cheers for myself! Thats for today. thankyou for reading and have a nice day :)

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