Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hello everyone. 
Today is such a what the fuck day.
In the morning i don't feel like going to school but i should. everything is going well at school till the english class.
The english class is damn sucks! I do really hate the teacher erghhh!
I thought everything is gonna be just fine till the school over but i was wrong. i plan bake a cake with Carin today but mom doesn't allow me to bake the cake and scolded me. i feel so damn bad mood. we ald bought the things and you just told me we can't bake it at home. at last we just bake a cookie with all ingridients that we bought, of course some ingridients don't exist cause we don't buy it.  at first, i thought the cookie may not going well. but who knows! the cookie taste not bad lol. the only thing which messed up the cookie is my cocoa. i put too much cocoa at the outside of cookie so it taste bitter -___- 
After baking, we play some stupid quiz and make us laugh. so it just the only thing who makes me better today.. But its okay, holiday started tomorrow and yay i love holiday <3 
Thats for today, thankyou for reading and have a nice holiday :D

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