Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Photo Diary : Aceh & Sabang August 2014

Hi ! 2014 is going to end soon and right now i'm currently in J town for the countdown. well anyway i'm going to post my 2014 story soon on blog (this time should have!).

I've been going to Aceh and Sabang last August and i never thought that it will be that great experience! The place is great except you should have to cover yourself everytime bcs Aceh is a very muslim town. The food is good and i love the beach. I happen to try my first snorkling in here and i love it so much!! I love Tsunami museum i thought it was cool place. I've been going to some places that get into really bad after Tsunami 2004. There's a ship up in house and i also post a pict of broken bridge after tsunami like it was a really BIG and HUGE bridge and it was completely broken by it. The scenery is beautiful i don't doubt it and i thought tsunami do give some benefit for Aceh ppl bcs they sell a lot tsunami souvenir and something like that. I love the emping so much and we bought around 30kg before we fly back home. i know its crazy hahah. 

It was fun experience and i can't wait to share my next travel post in blog again. Goodnight!

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