Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hi. It's been a while since my last post in blog. I've realised my blog has been so dead so i decided to active again! I got so busy everyday. Working every weekdays and having some photoshoot job on weekend which makes me have very minimum time to take my own quality time. I sometimes get so tired with it but when i flashback again with everything i have right now, i was blessed! Like people say be busy  work hard in your young age while you still have those strength and have your vacation and relax in your old age. Working while you still on your university is quite fun but in the same time tiring as well. But all i get while working and study is the experiences that you can't buy with money. You can learn lot from mistakes and once you graduate, you  can totally focus on your career while the mistakes had ald you learned from the past which will help you one step farther than others. When you're so passionate to get succeed in young age, well you will understand what i feel.

Ok so what i post today is Medan's talented fashion designer Stella Shen's wedding gown. I love every details of her gown. Its my second time working with this talented designer and i was still looking forward to have another cool project with her.All the best for Stella Shen and cheers!

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