Wednesday, February 5, 2014

BALI 2013

January 2014 surely is not such a great month to start my 2014. I got typhoid and i loss my weight, a lot because of it. So another worse thing come to me just now is i caught a cold and it just lost my voice for a day. So i spent my half month resting in home and hospital (i don't even wanna mention how hurt it is being injected every morning noon and night till i begging and crying to the nurse asking me for letting me out from the hospital). Man i was suck.

Enough with my unlucky starter month, my countdown new year holiday this time is in Bali and this is my second time i visit this paradise and i never getting bored with Bali. It was just perfect escape for anybody. It was hotter than my last visit. There's not much pict taken this time.

Like i see before i spent 2013 new year and 2012 new year in beaches. That would be great for this year to spent the holiday in cold, snowy place since i haven't see the real snow yet.

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