Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I got a really tiring yet blessing 2 months. Good news is i finally can feel my whole week with busy schedule which i crave so badly for almost a year when i'm in high school. Bad news is i got too busy until i forgot of took care of myself. I got no eye bag before and shit i got a big one now. My whole body ache crazily, i keep pushing my brain and feel so stress. My pores getting bigger and this is disaster for me (since i'm a skin care junkie). and the worst thing, i feel so lonely now. i miss all my friends and my high school. i cry for couple of times thinking how lovely and warm my past life was. I couldn't believe how cold the real life was. Everyone's busy with their own things without caring each other. Life was harder year by year and you will know things that will shock you. I get so stress and probably all i have to do is get out from the town for a while and relax.

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