Monday, October 14, 2013


BOO! Halloween is coming soon and i was so excited for it. Who doesn't love ghost?! uhhh everyone's afraid of ghost but i love ghost! i know its weird but who cares.
Anw those portfolio above is my newest work for Sutomo fashion board with the theme Halloween. For Sutomo students you guys might seen it today at school. Everything was prepared well for this photoshoot from the makeup, costume by the stylist and i quite satisfied with the pictures. Well i should cause i was doing all these pictures until 4.30AM! So simple as that, no sleep for the day i edit all the pictures and i end up late at work for the morning. 

All the characters played well except the mummy, i think. I just thought the mummy turned out to be zombie rather than mummy don't you think? But who cares those 'mummy-zombie' picts are just great for me. Just be hold for Sutomo fashion board next project for November issue. ciao!

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