Saturday, October 5, 2013



Hi. I've been thinking to share some of my monthly story in blog and finally made up! I love sharing and i love how people get inspired by some stories. So lets get started.
September is quite a hectic month for me. Since so much unexpected things happen. like wheter you like or not, you should accept it. I realize how different being in school life which i call as "comfort zone" and college life + you already being kick on the battlefield. I never thought i would really end up in this town to continue my study like for real,especially for the university that i NEVER EVER search on Google. But that doesn't mean the university is bad btw, i just keep googling others uni out from the town. But i think its still ok for my uni now. its not that bad. i finally end up being a business student which from my first choice is psychology to public speaking to law and end up into business. Life's totally complicated. You can't made up your own decision and choice. Life's puzzle. The orientation is nothing to be afraid about in here, not like other uni-es in Indonesia since they have those tradition to bully some Juniors. We just end up watching seniors singing and blablabla zero bully dude.

Its my first time working and another unexpected things happen. I don't really like my first job because it do smell a little bit of accountant blueh! But whatever i take it as my lesson for a better carrier and i totally learn hard of loving this annoying damn tables. I got so busy for this first month. There's no time to relax even Sunday! which i have a photoshoot but holy crap! I love being busy and zero complain from my mouth so far. I love working, i love busy, i love new experience, i love making money. Its quite normal for people on my age who still on fire and very ambisious. Well, i don't let my dreams down eventhou i can't aboard. Thanks to working which boost my mood for being in the town. Some nice moment for this September? Of course my photoshoot for Sutomo's fashion board with theme Halloween. Its super fun which keep me happy for now. So be hold!

Well that's complete my post for September journal. This is what i want to share for. and thankyou for reading. Off to go !

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