Monday, May 13, 2013


I'm currently on my bad shape today. Woke up late and skip today's try out, my phone going crazy and killing my patient. Gadget surely make you happy and suffering. Now i feel bad with daddy cause i've skipped tuition for one week so far -.- this is when you dislike something and they keep pushing you and it end up like this.

So here it is, introducing you David with his look. It's my first experience shooting guy's look and he also my first guy client .A nickname for him "Topman Guy". Why? doubt that almost all things on his body is from Topman. He's insanely Topman brand addicted. I love his boots the most. Its the limited edition Doc Marten's color and hell yeah i'm in love with the color.

David is wearing
Leather Jacket from Topman, Shirt from Topman, Belt from Topman, Sunglasses from Topman, Pant from Nudie Jeans, Boots from Doc Martens

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