Friday, May 3, 2013

Broken pieces

It's pretty tired to be in this condition like most overtime. What i've been waiting for a long long time ago then the time is come to me but exactly all the things are not like what's on my mind. I've been crying like shit for this 2 days (okay i hate to know that i'm not that strong to handle it) and nothing's change, but worse thing come and push yourself to let it go. I lost my mind for real. i lost those happy smile. i'm getting more complicated yet myself don't know what i want. You feel so dead but you can't do anything. it's pretty horrible and yes, nothing's change. shouting and crying and screaming doesn't help you.

I'm trying to forget it but still, my head just full of it .i just wanna scream as loud as i can and jump from cliff and feeling so free. i look at myself and i know i start to lose myself. lose everything except this small alive creature. another day another hope lose. took away by the air. wash away by the sea. burn away by the fire.

This is heartless and yes, nothing's change after all.

nothing's change except for a bigger scar and pain for myself.

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