Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sparks Fly

Hi. Sorry for gone for quite long time. My computer just get back from hell. i mean it just finish repaired. November has been truly such an awesome month for me. Guess what i am 17 now!! hehe thanks for lots of love and kind you all gave. thankyou for making my 17 such a memorable and awesome! and thanks for all those surprises you all gave :) and one of them that i'll never forget. you guys do make me feel sooo embarrassed and euuuuh in front of lots of people. yap they kidnapped me from orphanage (when vera held her birthday party) to cemara asri. They tied me up for about 2 hours i think -.- so i do share some photos here. be ready for the ugliest face ever lol
Thanks for the night surprise, kidnap surprise, everything! i love you guys!!! xx <3

 more photos on facebook :)

So i do have lots of photoshoot this November. especially for my secret list (you will see later). be sure to check the blog for the result :D

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