Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Hello! Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your holiday and be happy :)
So everyone is going have fun on Christmas but not with me. I stay up in home cause my stupid stomachache T_T the plan is i'm going out with Megan, Delvanni and Firbert for having their new outfit shot and right after the shoot we're having a dinner and else. I ald plan for my Christmas list and hey. now here goes nothing :(
Soooo, glad there's still a story for Christmas Eve teeeheee! Me and Jessica chill out in Wak Noer and Starbucks for a while then join the other girls and giving a surprise to the birthday girl, Nataly. Well at least my Christmas Eve going out well. Its 6pm here and i'm going better. haven't think abt going out celebrating the Christmas but lets just see later. Catch ya later bye!

Bonus lalala

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Thankyou <3

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