Thursday, October 4, 2012


Vincent is turning 17 today. Little surprise for this guy. All of us didn't tell any single birthday wishes for him. Just pretend we don't know about his birthday. Yea i can see from his face a little dissapointed hahaha. Class is having a break for 15 minutes and we rush to put candles at his cake. like fortunately vincent is out from the class and he's on the way to here! He's open the door and surprise, Happy Birthday WO! (WO is his nickname). Another mate is turning 17 again. Like i can say in this age it was truly fun. lots of surprise and yea, teens stuffs. Myself is coming way too hehehe.
Happy Birthday again buddy! All the best for future and hope you got awesome girlfriend! Cheers x

birthday boy

take WO's shoes exchange with mine. back to be like a kid hahahhaha

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