Friday, October 12, 2012

Ocean eyes

Last Sunday we're going to Bait Allah orphanage to play and give a lil donation for those kids. This is the second time i'm going to Bait Allah which the first time SEALnets, Tzu Chi and Singapore Anglo School together renovate the orphanage.If you do read my last last post you should know i'm one of SEALnet member (a mentor now yeheyy) who have those luck to help renovate the orphanage.
We play with those kids. I am charge in kids one (i am on group 3). The game has already been set by another mentors. they really do a nice job.And also, me and my 3 mate do a parody! lol such an instant silly act.What a lovely day, and thanks for other mentors and mentees. We are all having fun!

look at Kevin lmao!

the orphanage. we paint it last time with Tzu Chi and Singapore Anglo School team

we're group 3 hi hi !

practicing the parody

with the president of SEALnet as my husband at parody lol

while acting ahahahhaha

the kids

group 5 win the game. the president is giving the kids some presents.

congrats guys!

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