Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jessica Ujung's

Hi hi. Exam is over but not for me. I still have to face 3 subjects sigh. Such a long story so i just tell the most stupid part. I tell the teacher that i took my phone(we can't take phone when exam time) so yea, i got supplementary exams -.- man i am supposed not get arrested by it but it just me that feel so errrrr nah forget it. Second, today is the last day of exam. i was so ready for sociology test. annnddd, stupid things come again. I woke up late -.- exam started at 8 and i woke up at 8.15. Another supplementary test oh my oh my. don't laugh. i know i'm stupid lol. But yea good bad who knows. just do my best for this 3 subjects. don't give me a red mark
Back to 25th of October. Its Jessica Ujung's sweet 17th!!! Happy birthday to the cutest deskmate ever! Tell you some silly story and i beg i'm not gonna forget this. Me, Airine and Sherly gg to take Jessica's cake at HOWEY and problem is : NO CAR. both mom and dad missing. at last we try to call bluebird to fetch us but this stupid bluebird reject the phone. Shandy, Luis, Nataly, all of'em can't go to there. At last the worst one, we use pedicab to go there lol. Imagine this is the longlest route ever with pedicab. Stop at the bakery we rush to Jessica's house with pedicab, again. Just like her last name. Ujung to ujung route lol. Pedicap cost 50idr hahahaha no kidding. We do really put so much effort for this cute girl. But i really enjoy it. Especially the pedicab time. Man its cool lol.
birthday girl

Its 11PM and Agnes plan to go to Jessica's house to make another surprise. I go in! And Vincent fetch us to there. Its just 4 of us and surprise! Happy birthday again young lady. hihi

Stay cute and stay lemot my dear, love you <3

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