Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Shandy is turning 17 yesterday! We do make a little surprise for this girl. We make a deal with her parents to allow us boom her room when we're in her birthday party (party held on Sunday so we still have a lil time to make a plan together). All of us hide to Emelia's home to prepare all things. we know Shandy is quite sensitive one, she will realize soon if we're in her home. So, we sneak quitely to her home with her parents' help and ran to her bathroom. I just about to hide in the bathroom then 'clik'. the door's open. We panic for a while and..... we know Shandy will realize soon. She open the door and "Happy Birthday Shandy!" Here come the first surprise. I do ask her do you know the plan? She says she don't know. she just heard something from the bathroom and about to check it out  hahaha we all are the big mice! Make she happy for a while and yap! here we go. the tradition on the road! We make her as the big cake. Flour, ketchup, coke, egg making her look so sweet hahahaha. Guess what, we bought 6kg flour! I know its crazy haha
Well Happy Birthday again young lady. Stay be like Shandy that we love <3 Best friend forever ! xx

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