Sunday, September 2, 2012

A note

I wake up at 7.08 this morning and i know i'm late. The school starts at 7.30 which the gate going to close at 7.25 . I know i'm not gonna make it. So quite simple, i skip school. Now look at me, i'm blogging! haha.
I saw daddy's face today. And i shouldn't be like this anymore (try to be not late again). Since my dad is hoping that i will take my next study, means university in town. I know my dad. He always like this. He's an old man thinker type. Like the one who lived in 80s. Kind of annoying right? But i know he's just missing me if i leave the town. But come on! You know me. I am type of person that can't always stand in one place. I love new place,new friends, new atmosphere, new adventure. My dream was as high as mountain. I know i can do it. I know its hard. But i have a spirit and i won't give up. Maybe not all of you know about this. since everyone say my face is kind of chubby and looks like i am very cute person and well some of 'em think that i am childish. yea my face was younger than my age (this is everyone say to me. they were think that i was about 14 or 15). To be honest, i dislike it. But i try to be love it from now. Lots of 'em say its good to be younger than your age. means you're "awet muda". hahahaha i wish everyone think that i am very mature. but i try to be love this cute word. I saw aunties and they wish they were young again. So might to say i must thankful with my face hahahaha!
So i ald think about university life since i was just 14. believe it or not. I wish i can go overseas but see my dad, sigh so i choose Jakarta. Why i choose Jakarta? I have family there and i love the town. It was like Mega market town. everything's there! I ald told about this to my dad about 2 years ago. He says nothing until last prev day. He ask me to stay in town. I was very very upset! I cry, i hate crying but i can't stand it anymore. It was like "hey dude, its still in indonesia and you even didn't allow me?! i wash away my dream and took the near place and you keep like this?!". That's why i say i'll try to not late again. I'm afraid he will never allow me to study out from town. Till now, i'm hoping his old thinking can change. I am the first kid, i still have sister and brothers. I won't let my dad do this too to them. Life's change. Life's getting hard. You need to change your thinking or we'll be regret later.


  1. Jai Ho! Oops i mean Jia You! Don't ever let your dad brings you down OK???? - From your secret admirer <3

  2. lol you're so sweet *hugs*. i love Jaiho song forever and ever!