Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Independence day

Hi. Holiday is on air and i'm sick. You know last prev days i've been a soldier! (yea not really soldier of course haha! ). BLIA YAD Indonesia making an invent for celebrating Independence day 2012 at Dharma Shanti temple, Brastagi. You know i quite shock at while seeing we as the soldier and being force to be like a real soldier. Wake up at 4 with those stupidly annoying alarm (the alarm sounds like those emergency fire alert). I thought the temple is on fire -.-. And lay down ourselves on dirty field and start to sit up. i think it was about 5. Brush our teeth with very very short timing and else. You have no idea you should wash yourself just for 4 minutes! I admit i can't make it at 4 minutes. So,yea, i didn't wash myself that day (i try to be honest lol). And you can't take a bath at night! What else? oh yeah, this is the worst. We must playing on mud!! From head to toe all is mud. and you know, i was very very upset after that. It was erghhh what a dirty body i should wash myself quickly! But seriously, it was a very beautiful moment. I take this moment as my training to ospek next year hahahaha! And well, here comes some photos after the independence day, some of 'em continue for Tamarin Bazaar. 6 of us (who is going home not continue the bazaar including me) are going back to Brastagi to have a little surprise for them. I can see they're completely tired. Even myself after arrived at home i quickly wash myself and get a sleep. make one day for recovering my body. But still i'm sick. Nah, its okay. i am happy and it doesn't matter. i think i write too much, here the photos at Tamarin Bazaar. enjoy ;)

PS : the independence photos will be post as soon as i got it. note it

ignore my face and my hair. i'm too tired lol

cutie visitor at temple

candid by our captain Surya

sure i can see my face look freaking tired in this photo

Yesterday story
PS : Check my blog tomorrow. something beautiful will be post soon !

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