Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hi. so last oh last June is coming *claps* . Holiday is on air ! Well i admit it i've been waiting for the holiday since a week before June. Hey but i'm not that happy now. This 4 days i've been soooo sensitive. I don't know why. I never like this before, never! Guess i'm too tired.Time to share some stories. I've gone to another orphanage with a huge team this time. A group of Singapore Anglo School, some Tzu Chi's volunteers, and some Sealnet's mentors and i'm one of 'em. We kinda of change those little orphanage. we paint the wall, change the bed, yea make a little renovate. Honestly, the bedroom is so....... kind of sad. The place is so dirty, the bed is so ughh i just can't say it. Person like them remind us again with how lucky now we are. be blessed guys! okay what i do today is paint the wall which my shirt, pant, hair, shoe, hand covered by paint -__- mop the floor, and helping clean room. We will go to those orphanage again tomorrow to play with the kids. since we've been so busy to work today.
Back to yesterday. Going to Ipii's 17th birthday party at Grand Angkasa. Thanks for her and here some photos. enjoy

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