Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello everyone. good to see you again :D
Last Saturday i just held a small homey party for my 16th birthday last monday at my home. Just invite some friends and hit the house.Some of them sleepover at my house.

So, everything go like i want. and suddenly, one of my friend just ask me to take her to my room to grab her phone. i just go with her without i know that they were doing something later to me ! And suddenly my mom just shout that all of my friends ald go home. i just shocked and quickly go downstairs. and yeah, the house is empty without anyone except my family. and oh my gosh ! i saw them in front of my house and (its show time) i saw some of them holding a flour. yea we ald know whats going on next. i just go back to house but my mom just pushed me away and here i am. out from house and SPLASH they making me as a cake ! I seriously don't know if they were doing this thing -__- its ald almost 12AM and i bet everyone in my compleks were fall asleep. we just shout so loud around the compleks and make some of them awake and go out from house. but this is tottaly fun! my friends and mom are tottaly freaking awesome ! we stopped playing after daddy told me to come back to house and quickly washed myself lol.we washed ourselves and hit the house till 4.30 AM. life's good. this is teens life and we're gonna miss this moment. thats for today. thankyou for reading and have a nice day :)

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