Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its baking time !

Hello :D
Today is Indonesia's independence day and lets shout " Happy independence day, Indonesia!"
Just wish this country can be more advanced and free from coruption. we indonesian do not accept another gayus or nassarudin. its very embrassing!

This morning i went to math tuition because tomorrow i'm gonna have a math test. just as you know, i'm so sucks at math :p even when i'm still at primary school i already hate math ha-ha-ha-ha-ha LOL
Done with the tuition, i go back home and learned how to make a bread with mom, just like what she promising to me..
We make a chocolate bread. Its not easy, though.. i often get scolded by my mom because i've never made a good shape, sigh,.
Overall, its still such a good day. at least i still enjoy this holiday..

gonna share some photos :)
here there are :D

this is the worst shape that i made lol. but still, this one is my fave :p

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