Monday, August 22, 2011

The Beauty of African

Hello everyone.
Today i'm gonna share you about Africa.
Well, we hear the word "AFRICA" and the first thing passed our mind is hunger, death and poverty in Africa. Yea its very common..But i'm not gonna share you about that things. I said the grief of other nations while my own country also can not escape from poverty and hunger. We better pay attention to our own country than other poverty country..
The western media always portray Africa as the dark continent full of nothing but poverty, hunger, pain and misery which isn't the case. It is true there is poverty in Africa but not all countries in Africa are poor.
It is true their great great grandmother could not write her story in a book but what people do not understand is that, their great great grandmother was able to carve her story on a mountain that does not move.
If you steal from Mama Africa's backyard and she doesn't chase you away with a gun, don't just conclude Mama Africa is blind because the eyes of Mama Africa shines like the sun and it sees all things but she doesn't judge instead she lives everything to she who knows how to judge. 
Africa is not as bad as we thought. I'm gonna share some photos of African, i hope you guys enjoy it :)
Thankyou for reading and have a nice day :)

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