Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Art of Ballet

Good afternoon guys :D
Yay finally its Sunday! usually i hope sunday would be 48 hours or more hihihi
Well, yesterday i'm having a photoshoot with my girls, Shandy, Jessica, Airine, Nataly and with the lovely model Catherine :)
Catherine is my classmates since primary school and i already know she is a great ballerina from the first.
First time i have a ballet project, i don't feel this is easy. and, its true. 
I forgot to take a breakfast and i feel so hungry, tired and. . . . yeah you know how the feel if you don't eat anything from morning till noon and you must playing with the camera under the sun. worse, i forgot to bring water and fortunately Nataly and Catherine bring it. Thanks God!
I feel so stupid. How can i forgot to take a breakfast?! hahahahahhaa
Overall its such a lovely day. We end the photoshoot at 3PM and heading to restaurant Ayam Penyet Ria and having a meal. we ordered so many drinks hahahhaha such a funny moment!

Well, i hope you guys love the shoot. enjoy the photo and have a nice day ! :D

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